Specialist massages
Anti-stress head and face massage 50 min
Pure stress relief: Mindful massage techniques loosen tension in the area of the shoulders, head and neck. They have both a relieving and strengthening effect. Let our trained therapists introduce you to the world of stress relief and liberated thinking. Enjoy soothing movements for the head, shoulder and neck region, so often affected by everyday life, and say goodbye to insomnia, poor concentration, fatigue and headaches. Dive into the world of freedom from pain and relax with targeted treatment of the fascia to alleviate tension and stress. These techniques release knots and support your body in its process of recovery and regeneration.
€ 65.00
Sports trigger point massage
Just the ticket for sporty guests.
starting from € 39.00
Natural alpine strength 70 min
A very special combination of Alpine mud and back massage: Highly effective, fragrant Alpine mud improves circulation, supports the metabolism and has a relieving effect on connective tissue. The pack, which is applied to the back, is the perfect preparation for subsequent treatment. You will then enjoy an intensive back, shoulder and neck massage (50 min) that relieves tension and leaves you wonderfully relaxed.
€ 85.00
Tailored focus massage
Have personal questions or specific topics you want to discuss in person? Book your appointment now and simply decide what you’d like when you’re here.
starting from € 68.00
Fascia treatment
You can choose from three time increments with varying intensity.
starting from € 58.00
Juffing Balance Treatment 100 min
A highlight featuring a foot bath, foot reflexology and chakra massage: Using the power of sparkling rock crystals, which have fascinated people for thousands of years, this special JUFFING Signature Treatment is designed to inspire you, make you feel light, and bring you into a state of harmony and balance at the same time. Rock crystals energise and harmonise body, mind and soul - in line with our philosophy "Balance that inspires." To start off with, enjoy a warm footbath. This is followed by a liberating foot reflex zone massage, which promotes blood circulation and stimulates the body’s own healing powers. The climax of the treatment is an energetic chakra massage, which is carried out with different gemstones and rock crystals. This wonderful treatment also includes elements of sound therapy.
€ 110.00