Energy treatments
Original Aromatouch 60 min
The fragrant relaxing energy treatment with pure, therapeutic aromatherapy oils AromaTouch™ is a wonderfully relaxing treatment with pure, therapeutic essential aromatherapy oils from dōTERRA®. Gentle movements and wonderful fragrances ensure an immersive experience that helps you truly let go. This treatment helps reduce stress, reinforces and strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation and restores the body’s balance.
€ 82.00
Holistic Touch
€ 82.00
Hot stone massage 70 min
Time-honoured recuperation for body and soul We begin this deeply relaxing treatment by stimulating the seven energy centres of your body using warm basalt stones. The subsequent gentle aromatherapy oil massage stimulates the lymphatic system and has a relieving, calming effect on the nervous system.
€ 95.00
Chakra energy massage 50 min
Your personal path to harmony and inner balance Delicately scented pure chakra oils, energetically guided massage techniques and the targeted use of precious stones for your energy centres ensure profound relaxation. Experience a whole new level of well-being.
€ 72.00
Singing bowls treatment 50 min
Body and mind in harmony This treatment in comfortable (cotton) clothes involves placing singing bowls directly on the body. The vibrations have a relaxing effect on the muscles and organs, while the sound relaxes the mind, promotes energy harmonisation and calms the soul. The energy released helps the immune system mobilise self-healing powers. This singing bowl treatment contributes to rapid mental and emotional relaxation.
€ 85.00
Thai Yoga Massage
Nuad Sen Boran Nuad Sen Boran, which originated in India, translates to ‘traditional meridian massage’. This therapy actually has much in common with manual therapy, trigger point treatment, fascia therapy, classical massage and osteopathy. Techniques are oriented around classic meridians with the aim of allowing blocked energies to flow. This is a holistic approach, which treats the person from head to toe with the aim of improving blood circulation throughout out the entire body, loosening the joints and stretching the muscles. This special massage is always performed on the floor. The person receiving treatment wears light, comfortable clothing.
€ 95.00
Treatment according to Dorn-Breuss 60 min
A Dorn-Breuss treatment involves an energetic back massage with subsequent relaxation of the deep back muscles in standing and sitting. Using St. John's wort oil, the therapist performs a gentle back massage, which releases mental and physical tension. During this massage, the spine is strengthened and the energy is brought back into flow. According to Dorn-Breuss, the aim of the massage is to correct a possible malposition of the vertebrae by applying gentle pressure to the spinous processes during movement. The emphasis is on a structural restoration of a straight spine.
€ 78.00