Classic Massages
Full Body Massage
The popular classic - you can choose 50 min or 80 min.
starting from € 75.00
Foot reflexology massage 50 min.
Loosens knots and stimulates nerve pathways: The foot reflexology massage uses various pressure points and treatment techniques to focus on the foot’s individual reflex zones, which are linked to the rest of the body.
€ 75.00
Combination Massage 50 min.
The perfect combination: The combination massage is made up of foot reflexology and a back massage, helping you enjoy the beneficial effects of both treatments.
€ 75.00
Manual lymphatic drainage 50 min.
Therapy that unblocks and purifies: Special, large-scale manual techniques gently stimulate the lymphatic system, increasing the transportation of waste products out of the body. Particularly effective with repeated treatments.
€ 75.00
Back massage 50 min.
Feel yourself unwind: Instant relaxation and relief for the back. This treatment consists of a short back scrub followed by a back, neck, shoulder and upper arm massage.
€ 75.00
Gentle Massage for expectant mothers 50 min
Balance during pregnancy This full body massage supports you in releasing tension and stress with an emphasis on relieving the legs and back. Depending on the week of pregnancy, you can also be massaged in the side position. Our tip for pregnant women: The anti-stress head & neck treatment, the brush treatment, lymphatic drainage and all cosmetic treatments are also particularly suitable for expectant mothers.
€ 75.00