Couples spa
Morning sun 110 min.
9:00 – 10:50: Sunrise over the mountains: an amazing, effortless experience. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll keep coming back for more. We invite you both to start your day with the morning sun. Following an activating full-body massage, we serve up a healthy breakfast with fresh fruit salad, muesli, wholemeal bread and much more on the private terrace.
€ 180.00
Dusk 110 min.
18:00 – 19:50: The quiet moments are the best: when the sun goes down, the birds fall silent and calm spreads across the mountains. Enjoy this magic time of day in perfect togetherness. Following a chakra energy massage, we serve up a ‘cure-all’ aperitif and finger food to set the mood for dinner.
€ 220.00
Heavenly delights 110 min.
Available all day: Pure luxury and just right for when there’s something to celebrate: following a synchronised massage of your choice (50 min), a chilled bottle of Ruinart Champagne and a range of small delicacies await you on the terrace.
€ 250.00
Romance Package 20 min/can only be booked in connection with treatments
Pure romance: soft music, candlelight and rose petals create an atmospheric ambience. Your beloved is with you and together you can savour a deeply romantic experience with a pleasant massage. We will serve a glass of sparkling wine and an étagere d’amour with fresh fruits and chocolates.
€ 39.00
Mindful movements 90 min
AROMATOUCH™ for two: AROMATOUCH™ is a fragrant, relaxing energy treatment featuring pure, therapeutic essential aromatherapy oils from dōTERRA® and gentle movements. This technique was developed to provide a number of benefits, such as reducing stress and autonomic imbalance by returning the body to a state of harmony. It is an incredibly effective method that stimulates the body on a holistic level as well as in the reflex zones. The couples treatment in the duo massage room is about renewal and building strength. We follow up the 60-minute treatment and brief rest period by serving aromatic Viennese love tea, which you can both enjoy in peace with a view of the Kaiser Mountains.
€ 198.00