Full Body Exfoliation 25 min.
Refreshing purity: Exfoliation revitalises the skin, removes excess skin cells and leaves skin feeling delicate and silky. It stimulates the skin’s metabolism and blood circulation. We use a coarse-grained salt and oil scrub or a gentle apricot kernel hay extract scrub, depending on your skin type and your requirements. Tip: The perfect preparation for any full-body massage!
€ 38.00
Brush massage 50 min.
Combination of dry brushing and massage: This cleansing and revitalising full-body brushing is similar to a dry scrub and, combined with active ingredients made from birch bark extracts, leaves you with new energy and radiant skin. This warming dry brushing with special brushes featuring natural bristles acts lymphatically, stimulates skin circulation and metabolism, and also improves skin elasticity. After the treatment, your skin is particularly receptive to a regenerating massage with birch oil (you can take the natural brush home with you and continue treatment there).
€ 80.00
Body Contour Cellulite treatment without ultrasound 50 min.
Shape & tighten: Special massage strokes promote circulation whilst the skin-firming and detoxifying effect of the massage cups with a special massage oil counteract cellulite and make the skin feel pleasant. This is a highly effective full-body treatment with a focus on toned arms and firm legs.
€ 80.00
Body contour cellulite treatment with ultrasound, 60 min
For intensive tissue tightening and detoxification Whether for the neck and décolleté, upper arms, abdominal wall, or thighs, this treatment achieves an intensive deep tightening on all parts of the body where tissue is weak. Lymph flow is stimulated and tissue detoxification is activated. The tightening effect using monopolar thermal radiofrequency can be felt after just one treatment. You will immediately experience improved blood circulation, pleasant vitality and intense firmness. Tissue regeneration continues for several weeks after the treatment and the result improves step by step over time. The outcome is a permanently denser skin structure. Enjoy pleasant deep warmth and relaxation all over your body. We recommend resting for 10-15 minutes after the treatment to make the most of the deep heat effect.
€ 120.00